Lego Mindstorms and WeDo robot projects by Stefan

Lego NXT-Robots

NXT Line Follower with Steering Control
A line following robot using the steering option of the motor block in Lego's G-Code.

Simple Hello World NXT Robot
A very simple NXT robot that can be built in less than 3 minutes.

El Toro (The Bull) NXT Robot
An NXT robot that, like a bull, attacks whatever gets too close to him.

Edgefinder NXT Robot
An NXT robot that detects the edge of a table and stops moving before falling.

NXT RR-Robot Controlled in Articular Space
A serial robot arm controlled in Articular Space used to draw on paper.

Stopwatch NXT Robot
An NXT robot used as stopwatch.

Fuzzy Line Following NXT Robot
An NXT robot that follows a line using an Fuzzy Logic Algorithm.

Lego WeDo-Robots

Lego WeDo Speed Governor
Demonstration of the working principle of a centrifugal speed governor.

Lego WeDo Rocket
A rocket that, after a countdown, takes off into space.

Lego WeDo Cable Car
An automated Cable Car built and programmed in Lego WeDo.